Being a volunteer is the best thing ever!

By helping animals in need, to see their gratitude, happiness and a life of joy, is a very fulfilling and valuable reward worth all the troubles in the world!

We are in a constant search for new volunteers wanting to contribute to a better life for those in need. We believe everyone can contribute in different ways with their specific skills and energy, and everyone is welcome. If you feel that you would like to know more, please tell us in an email to

We perform different kind of activities with different aims. We’ve been part of, and hosted, vegan markets to gather money to the organization, but also to raise awareness about us and about the animal and nature friendly vegan philosophy. We’ve been running photography classes for our members with focus on how to take better animal and nature pictures. We’ve also organized dog parties (dog pawty), which are reunion meetings for the families who adopted dogs from us, which have been open for the public as well.

Internationally we put a lot of energy into spreading information about what we do in our organization with the aim to widen our connections and increase the number of members all over the world. This so that a larger part of the society can be informed about a green lifestyle and kindness to animals. With a larger base of members comes larger financial funding which increases the opportunity for us to rescue more animals and invest more in educating people in deprived areas about essential environmental facts.