We rescue all dogs who are in a bad shape, who has injuries or who we see are in danger. They are brought to veterinary clinics, shelters or daycare’s where they are given needed medical treatment (including surgeries and medicine) by educated veterinarians together with proper food, water and shelter. When their health status is good again our work starts for finding them new forever lasting homes.

Our members on spot do their best to teach the society to accept dogs and cats as part of their family. This is very hard work and still many animals will never find a family locally due to often irrational reasons like the animal being black, mixed-breed, being middle or big sized, not being a puppy or having physical problem.

We do our very best to find families for all the dogs and cats we rescue and therefore we’re also looking for families in EU and US. We have veterinaries performing thorough health checks and they get all vaccines needed for travel, microchip id’s and most of them also get spayed.