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Our team consist of people with different backgrounds, different experiences, countries and origins, from technical engineers to artists. But we all do have one thing in common – our love for animals!

In 2012 a small group of devoted people in Sweden started to in a more organized way raise awareness and gather donations for stray and endangered animals living in some of the world’s most harsh and dangerous areas (e.g. the middle east). In 2016 Earth for Everyone was registered as a non-profit volunteer-based organization in Stockholm and today it’s a multinational organization with members coming from all around the world.

Today we’re about ten people in the organization core and about 20 more counting all the volunteers helping out occasionally in events and as foster homes. We have strong ties to local rescue groups and our capability to work together cross border is key to our success!


The situation of animals in these areas is terrible where especially dogs suffer tremendously! Because of governmental rules and religious beliefs all dogs live under a constant threat of being killed just because they are dogs. There are no animal rights and the people can treat them as they wish without ever facing any consequences.

We are helping two kinds of dogs – homeless and unwanted. Stray dogs are common in these areas, as in many places around the world, and sadly the governments usually solve this problem by mass-killing them. We work for a sustainable solution to this problem by educating cities and municipalities to instead spay and vaccinate them. This method does not only save the dog’s life, it also positively impacts of the people’s mindset about them knowing the dogs have been checked and do not carry any diseases.

There’s also a huge problem with dogs (and cats) who started their life as pets, but for different reasons becomes unwanted. Dogs are not seen as family members the same way as in western countries and many of them sadly end up in the streets. There they face a horrible situation almost always ending up by them being killed, due to traffic accidents, other dogs or starvation. A large portion of our work here lies in informing the people about how their actions impact the animals, the society and that we can help them finding a better solution for all parts.